UNICEF Student Team The Hague for Team Up Uganda!
UNICEF Students The Hague The Hague Students for TeamUp Uganda

UNICEF Student Team The Hague for Team Up Uganda!

Uganda is home to 1.5 million refugees, and more than half of these refugees are children. They have often experienced many violent events in their home countries or on the road and once they arrive in Uganda, their worries regarding the risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect still persist. Life is not always safe for Ugandan children either. Alas, most of them have experienced forms of violence (physical, sexual, domestic or emotional) in their young lives. UNICEF aims to support children in difficult situations (violence, stress, fear, anger, etc.) they are facing. We offer a low-threshold form of psychosocial support: The TeamUp Program. Using movements such as various sports, games and dance activities to ensure that language barrier is not an obstacle, TeamUp hopes that children can learn to deal with emotions and stress in a playful way and are strengthened in their resilience. Nonetheless, sometimes this is not enough, thus for more serious problems, TeamUp supervisors refer the children to social workers who are on hand to give them individual guidance, psychosocial care, health care, education or housing. Prevention is also the goal of the program. UNICEF does this by creating awareness campaigns and educating children, families as well as community leaders so they will be capable of recognizing different forms of violence and knowing where to go for help. For €4, one child/adult can be engaged in awareness-raising on child protection to prevent violence against children and ensure children, parents and community members know where and how to report concerns For €16, one child can be provided with community-based psychological support for a one-year period through structured group-based interventions For €55, a child that has faced violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation can be provided with individual child protection case management/social welfare services, including referrals to other service providers like education, health, legal, or psychological, based on individual needs

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UNICEF Student Team The Hague for Team Up Uganda!
UNICEF Students The Hague
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