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For donations from outside NL: IBAN: NL31 INGB 0000 154 177 Account holder: Studenten voor UNICEF Description: UNICEF Student Team Leiden When you donate from outside NL, please leave a comment with the amount specifying that you did not contribute from NL, so that we can keep track of our progress! The situation in Uganda Uganda hosts the most refugees in all of Africa. More than half of these 1.5 million refugees are children. These children have often experienced many violent events in their home countries or on the road. Once they arrive in Uganda, their worries are not over: the risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect is high. The government of Uganda is at a loss: due to the large influx of refugees, there is a shortage of capacity and financial resources to provide good child protection for refugee children and Ugandan children. What does UNICEF do? During the various sports, games and dance activities of TeamUp, we mainly use movement, so that language is not an obstacle. Children learn to deal with emotions and stress in a playful way and are strengthened in their resilience. The activities put a smile on their face and make bad memories disappear into the background. The TeamUp supervisors then refer the children to social workers who are on hand to give them individual guidance. In addition, the most vulnerable children receive extra support in the area of psychosocial care, health care, education or housing. Donation examples: what can we do with the money that is raised? - For €310, one child receives 1-on-1 counseling and help with education, health care and housing. - For €7.500, we set up four awareness campaigns that contribute to a safe environment for children. - For €36.000, we offer children TeamUp in four zones of the Obongi district. - For €40.000, 1,300 children will receive 1-on-1 counseling.

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