Donate for TeamUp Uganda!
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Donate for TeamUp Uganda!

This year, the UNICEF Student Team Wageningen raises money for the TeamUp program in Uganda! We do this by organizing fun events and activities and organize other awareness related events! This is the general page where you can donate without attending an event! And we want to thank you already for visiting this page and of course for your donation in advance! Uganda is home to 1.5 million refugees and they are mainly from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than half of these refugees are children. They have often experienced violent events, abuse or exploitation. In Uganda, there aren't enough resources and social workers, to protect these children. More help is needed so that children can feel safe again. What does UNICEF do? UNICEF has set up a program, the TeamUp program where we help and support refugee children in dealing with emotions in difficult situations. We do various sports, games and dance activities with the children and during these activities, children learn to deal with stress and other emotions in a playful way. Donation examples: what can we do with the money that is raised? - €4 euro: is required to engage a child or an adult in awareness-raising - €16 euro: can provide community-based psychosocial support to a child for 1 year - €55 euro: can provide a child that has faced violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation with individual child protection case management/social welfare services, including referrals to other service providers like education, health, legal, psychosocial based on individual needs. For €7.500, we set up four awareness campaigns that contribute to a safe environment for children. For €36.000, we offer children TeamUp in four zones of the Obongi district. For €40.000, 1,300 children will receive 1-on-1 counseling.

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Donate for TeamUp Uganda!
UNICEF Student Team Wageningen
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