Project Uganda: Safe at home, far from home
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Project Uganda: Safe at home, far from home

Thank you for considering donating to Project Uganda: Safe at home, far from home. πŸ™ 🌍The problem 🌍 Uganda hosts the most refugees in all of Africa. More than half of these 1.5 million refugees are children. These children have often experienced many violent events in their home countries or on the road. Once they arrive in Uganda, their worries are not over: the risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect is high. Life is not always safe for Ugandan children either as most of them have experienced forms of violence. πŸ•Š A hope πŸ•Š UNICEF is supporting children in these difficult situations. UNICEF does this by creating awareness campaigns and educating children, families and community leaders. UNICEF supports the local government and local aid organizations in strengthening the protection system. πŸ™How can you contribute? πŸ™ All donations to this page go directly to our UNICEF project. We appreciate your contribution! Below is a rough estimation of how your donation makes a change: ✏ 4 euro: is required to engage a child or an adult in awareness-raising on child protection to prevent violence against children and ensure children, parents and community members know where and how to report concerns. ✏ 16 euro: can provide community-based psychosocial support to a child for 1 year through structured group-based interventions. ✏ 55 euro: can provide a child that has faced violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation with individual child protection case management/social welfare services, including referrals to other service providers like education, health, legal, psychosocial based on individual needs. To know more about UNICEF Student Team Enschede

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Project Uganda: Safe at home, far from home
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