Uganda hosts the most refugees in all of Africa. More than half of these 1.5 million refugees are children. These children have often experienced many violent events in their home countries or on the road. Once they arrive in Uganda, their worries are not over: the risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect is high. Children travelling alone are particularly vulnerable. Life is not always safe for Ugandan children either. Shockingly, most of them have experienced forms of violence - physical, sexual, domestic or emotional - in their young lives.

How do you move forward when memories of flight or forms of violence continue to haunt you? How do you deal with stress, fear or anger? Or how do you make new friends when you don't know who you can trust? We want to support children in these difficult situations. That is why we offer a low-threshold form of psychosocial support: the TeamUp program. During the various sports, games and dance activities of TeamUp, we mainly use movement, so that language is not an obstacle. Children learn to deal with emotions and stress in a playful way and are strengthened in their resilience. The activities put a smile on their face and make bad memories disappear into the background.

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