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Join the Peace Run!

Every year, the Peace Run The Hague celebrates peace and freedom for all. On the 24th of September hundreds of participants will be running the streets of The Hague to remind us that not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy these liberties. Join the Peace Run and make sure you cross the finish line with a double sense of accomplishment!

Once again, UNICEF is a beneficiary of this year’s Peace Run. The participants will run to collect money for child refugees worldwide. As millions of children are on the run from war, violence or poverty, many thousands of them find themselves completely on their own. As they are unaware of the very few routes to safety, they undertake long and dangerous journeys in the hope of finding a safe haven. Taking care of these children, UNICEF provides them with shelter, food and psychological counseling.

This way, these children get the chance to relax and regain some balance and structure in their lives. Once they feel safe and secure, they can start being kids again.

Would you like to add meaning to your running performance? Work yourself into a sweat for these children! Register online and get your friends and family to be your sponsors. You can also make a donation on the entry form for the Peace Run. Remember: every euro counts!

The Hague and UNICEF believe that each and every child has the right to a carefree childhood. So much begins with a child, just give it a chance…

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