Help Nila to walk for education
Nila Patty Nijmegen Vierdaagse voor UNICEF 2019

Help Nila to walk for education

"Education is the best weapon to change the world" Hi Everyone, My name is Nila from Nonanoplastic. Some of you know me as the zero waste girl in Nijmegen. In this opportunity, I would like to tell you that I will walk for education this year 4daagse. Okay, some of you might wonder. "But Nila, you do something with plastic pollution. what are you doing??" Correct! However, I have my reason. Let me tell you something. I was born and raised in Indonesia. I got the privilege to enjoy education, which leads me to go to the Netherlands to pursue my bachelor and master education. Without the privilege of education, I won't be able to even dreaming of participating in the 4daagse. Heck, I won't even care what kind of climate crisis and how can we do something about it. Because education is vital for changing the future and of course, saving the planet. However, some people are not privileged enough to get an education. When UNICEF Nijmegen approach me with this campaign, I felt that I have to join. Because who knows that these children will become to future climate activist, a politician that supports green movement and of course the better citizen of the world. That being said, I would like to invite you. I am asking you to support these children and help them to get the education that they need and they deserve. While they might be a war victim, we should not deny their right to education. You can help me by sponsoring me on this 4 daagse walk, and I will make sure that your money will go to the correct place.

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Help Nila to walk for education
Nila Patty
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