USTM for Maman Lumière
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USTM for Maman Lumière

If donating with a non-dutch bank account use: IBAN: NL31 INGB 0000 1541 77 ; Account name: Studenten voor UNICEF ; Subject: Student Team Maastricht Burundi is a very fertile country where a large variety of tropical fruits can grow. Paradoxically, it is the country with the highest percentage of chronically malnourished children in the world. Out of 2 million children that are 5 or younger, 56% of those children are chronically malnourished. UNICEF’s project aims to educate Burundian mothers of well-nourished children, that live in the circumstances as mothers with malnourished children, to acquire more knowledge about nutrition and how to share this with other people. Those “Mamans Lumière” will then organise cooking classes to educate locals on how to prepare balanced meals with available food. Next to those classes, they will also make sessions to screen children for malnutrition. Your donations help this process by paying for the training of those mothers as well as for the organisation of those classes. Price points: • € 2,50: sprinkles for one child • € 15: organisation of 1 cooking class. • € 20: organisation of 2 malnutrition screening sessions. • € 50: training of one Maman Lumière.

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Target: €1,500
10/17/2020 12/31/2020



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USTM for Maman Lumière
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