Destination Burundi (run, walk and cycle)
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Destination Burundi (run, walk and cycle)

Welcome to Destination Burundi and Leiden student team! Our aim this year is to raise as much awareness and funds as possible for UNICEF's work in Burundi. For our first big project we are going to run, walk and cycle or way to Burundi and we want you involved! If you are up to the challenge feel free to get out walking, running or cycling, donate as much as you can spare and tag us in your instagram posts and stories! For every €1 raised we, here at UNICEF Leiden, will be running, walking or cycling 1km. That means that if we reach our goal of €500 we will have travelled 500 kilometres! How close we get to this goal is completely up to you, so please get involved, donate or simply share this page around to all of your friends and family:) You can find more information about the project on our social media, or right below: Burundi is a very fertile African country. However, 56% of children under the age of five are chronically malnourished due to severe under-feeding of good nutrients. The consequences of this are serious and often irreversible. But how is this happening? Even though most of the Burundian population lives in the countryside where they are self-sufficient and cultivate areas of land on which almost anything can grow, the daily meal of Burundian families often consists only of beans. Many mothers have never learned about the importance of vitamins and minerals for their own health and that of their children. To combat malnutrition, UNICEF works alongside exemplary mothers within the community. This involves increasing Mamans Lumières' knowledge of nutrition, providing them with seeds for setting up nutrient-rich vegetable gardens and teaching them skills to share the acquired knowledge with other mothers. Mamans Lumières also learn to teach other mothers to prepare delicious and healthy meals through cooking classes with local products. What can your donation do? 1 share: Helps spread awareness about UNICEF, Burundi and our projects with your friends! €2,50: Nutrient-rich sprinkles for one child. €15: Organisation of 1 cooking class. €20: Organisation of 2 malnutrition screening sessions. €50: Full training for one Maman Lumière. You can find more information about the project on our social media: Instagram: Facebook:

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Target: €500
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Destination Burundi (run, walk and cycle)
UNICEF Student Team Leiden
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