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Food for Burundi - Groningen

As a result of the ongoing pandemic UNICEF student team Groningen had to cancel all their events and fundraisers until September. However, it is important that while dealing with the crisis, we do not forget about these children, who very much need our continued support. Especially, since we will be unable to raise the several thousands of euros we would have been able to contribute under normal circumstances. The Maman Lumière project Burundi is a very fertile African country. But, at the same time, 56% of children under the age of five are chronically malnourished because they are structurally under-fed with good nutrients. The consequences of this are serious and (often) irreversible. But how can this happen? Even though most of the Burundian population live in the countryside where they are self-sufficient, many mothers have never learned about the importance of vitamins and minerals for their health and that of their children. To combat malnutrition, UNICEF is deploying mothers of well-fed children while living in the same circumstances as mothers of malnourished children, to teach other mothers on the importance of nutrition. What can your donation do? € 2,50: Nutrient-rich sprinkles for one child € 15, -: organisation of 1 cooking class. € 20, -: organisation of 2 malnutrition screening sessions. € 50, -: training of one Maman Lumière.

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Food for Burundi - Groningen
UNICEF student team Groningen
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