Song-sale Fundraising: Yemen
90%MusicProductions™ Leiden Klusjes voor het goede doel

Song-sale Fundraising: Yemen

Thank-you for considering "Save Us" by WOLFKROW, to donate for this fundraiser! Your donation will be added to the tally for this specific song. Flaevours thanks you for your appreciation. If you're reading this page first hand, please consider reading the message below to achieve a better understanding of this campaign. As a musician and music producer I'd like to use my skills to create a direct and 100% funding stream to help Yemen. I herewith invite all music producers to contribute to the cause! You can donate by going to Click on the Unicef image at the homepage which will directly take you to the 90% campaign page where you'll find all the information you need for the 90%MusicProductions™ song-sale fundraising. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Unicef. Participation as a music producer is simple. You can find the exact information at Your participation is key for this fundraiser to work! I'm aiming to get big artists to partake. This will boost the numbers and create even more funds for Yemen.

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Song-sale Fundraising: Yemen
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