90%™ Song-sale Fundraising: Emergency aid in Yemen
90%MusicProductions™ Leiden Klusjes voor het goede doel

90%™ Song-sale Fundraising: Emergency aid in Yemen

Thank-you for considering "Run" by Flaevours, to donate for this fundraiser! You will be led to this page if you chose to donate for the song "Run" by Flaevours at https://www.90percent-musprod.com/campagnes. If you're reading this page first hand, please consider reading the message below to achieve a better understanding of this campaign. WHY THIS FUNDRAISER? Just watch the news anywhere and you will see the sickening images of the famine and war in Yemen. One out of 5 kids is in IMMEDIATE need of emergency aid. Today 1.5 million kids are starving to death. Much larger numbers are in need of humanitarian assistance. Yemen is now, according to NOS / Unicef and many other sources, "the largest humanitarian crisis" in the world. As a white privileged Dutch young adult (24) I feel I should do what I can to help so that Yemenite parents don't have to see their kids looking so monstrous due to severe malnutrition, unable to do anything about it. Kids should never have to experience such standards of living and there should not be such a huge gap in privileges merely due to your place of birth. With my startup 90%MusicProductions™ I will offer something that might really make an impact. As a musician and music producer I'd like to use my skills to create a direct and 100% funding stream to help Yemen. I herewith invite my entire network of musicians to participate. HOW IT WORKS Donors Donating is simple. The way this particular fundraising works is as following: go to www.90percent-musprod.com, click on the link at the homepage which will directly take you to the campaign page where you can find all the information you’ll need on the 90%MusicProductions™ song-sale fundraising Yemen humanitarian crisis. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to Unicef. Of course, you could also donate directly to UNICEF. But through 90%MusicProductions™ we’re hoping to gain momentum and maximise output. Music Producers Participation as a music producer is simple. You can find the exact information at www.90percent-musprod.com. Your participation is key for this fundraiser to gain momentum! We strive to get Big Artists to partake as well. This will boost the numbers and create even more funds for Yemen. Let's get this thing going together. Perks: 90%MusicProductions™ teemed with an online marketing team from iClicks to maximise reach. This will result in conversions for all whom partake in this endeavour.

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90%™ Song-sale Fundraising: Emergency aid in Yemen
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